A Great Guide to Casino Gambling in Spain

Are you interested in visiting the beautiful state of Georgia? Georgia is the southern most state in the United States and is bordered by the Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky and South Carolina. It is a beautiful state full of exciting things to do including the world class Atlantic Ocean beaches and rivers, Georgia’s globally famous football program and the world famous Bulldogs athletic team. Georgia is also known for having some of the largest Christmas and Hanukkah exhibits in the U.S.


When considering a visit to the beautiful state of Georgia one of the must see things are the Georgia casinos. There are many beautiful new high performing casino establishments that have opened in Georgia in recent years. These include the largest casino in Georgia, the Barter Exchange in Macclesfield, GA. This location is considered one of the major draws to visitors to Georgia and is renowned for being the only “surprise” casino that visitors are treated to upon arrival.

Georgia casinos also include the largest live casino in the U.S.A., the Lanier National Resort Casino. The luxurious five star facility offers guests everything from shopping to gambling in one magnificent location. In addition to gambling, the casino offers over 40 restaurants, nightclubs and bars. The main article of this hotel is known for its cuisine, which includes not only delicious food but large portions of prime rib, exotic cuisine, seafood, steaks and lobster. Guests will be delighted in the atmosphere which includes an onsite bowling alley, fitness center, full casino and several fine restaurants. This casino is located approximately twenty minutes from Atlanta.

Just a short drive up the road from the Lanier Resort Casino is the Blackjack Palace, another magnificent casino resort. This palace has also been named one of the United States greatest gambling destinations. Blackjack is the main gambling event of the evening with more than one hundred tables available for playing. Each table is equipped with a neon sign which helps to easily locate each player. Along with gambling, guests can enjoy fine food in the Blackjack Palace restaurant.

When traveling to Spain for a vacation, there are a number of locations which offer excellent gambling options. The towns of Playa de las Teresitas and Las Palmas de Granada offer fantastic accommodations to those who wish to stay near the gambling action. These cities are not far from their main tourist attractions and offer a wonderful view of the surrounding area. They also have superb beaches, golf courses and other attractions. Many of these casinos also offer slot machines and roulette.

The biggest gambling destination in Spain, as was stated before, is the largest city, Madrid. Traveling to Madrid is no problem, especially since Madrid has good transportation links to all of the major cities in Spain. Traveling by train, sea plane or bus is also an option when visiting Madrid.

Casinos in Spain welcome all forms of visitors, but the main attraction is the Casino di Campione. This is one of the most popular Casinos in Spain, with a full schedule of live gaming events throughout the year. There are also shows that happen on occasion and the famous March madness college basketball tournament. The main article continues with more information on the Casino di Campione and its location.

To wrap up the article we would like to state that, while gambling is illegal in the United States, Spain allows American tourists to play at their Casinos. If you are a fan of casino gambling then this is the place for you. In order to see a full list of locations for locations of Casino di Campione, across the world, check out the website. It’s a great website that provides all of the details on all of the world’s best casinos, from UK casinos to the largest casino in Spain.