Choosing the Best NC Beach Casinos

The beautiful state of South Carolina is dotted with over 300 licensed casinos and more than one hundred hotels. All are within a few hours’ drive of each other. Day & night cruises on a 186-foot. casino ship with casino games & poker, and full buffet dining.


One can’t leave South Carolina without making at least one trip to the three-dining, five-star Casinos of the Triangle. Each one boasts state-of-the-art gaming equipment, sensational food and live entertainment. Some of the most famous names in the gambling world call South Carolina home. Five stopover casinos include the New York House of Casino (New York’s largest), the Bellagio, the Roulette Royal and the casino owned by Jim Cawley, who owns the mammoth Taj Mahal.

One of the most popular weekend getaways is the Charlotte North Carolina Amusement Park. Here, gamers will find an amazing assortment of casino games including the famous slots. On each floor of the Amusement Park, a new slot machine is installed every ninety seconds. In addition, a wide variety of video poker games is offered daily. Many of these games include specials and other enticing promotions, as well.

The Largest Amusement Park in the Carolinas offers visitors a chance to play the hottest slots in the world. The Roulette Royal at the Carolina Theatre brings in the roulette action nightly. During the day, the friendly casino dealers will help novices learn the game, and they’ll be glad to teach those who are more experienced. At night, the “Red Light” sign will indicate that it’s time for the big game. The largest number of machines is on the first floor.

When one wants to have some fun in the sun, casinos in the Carolinas offer several outdoor activities. For example, the Dog Agility Center in Raleigh NC offers a competition where dogs from all over the Carolinas will do agility training while they socialize with one another. This is a great activity for children. Each day, there is a different competition.

Craps, the casino game that many think of when they think of gambling, can also be found at NC casinos. If one is looking for a fun and relaxing day at the casino, playing craps is recommended. NC offers Craps casino bars, where one can play craps all day long. However, those who would like to spend the entire day at the casino may wish to visit the many beach casinos, which offer all-day gambling and fantastic shopping. These NC beach casinos are located all around the state.

When the sun sets and the night falls, the crowds begin to form. Beach casinos are an excellent way to enjoy the nightlife of the area without having to leave home. Some casinos feature live music, and there are often special shows and parties happening each night. NC is a great place for visitors interested in art, culture and history. A few days spent at a museum or a classical music concert at one of the NC beach casinos will surely be worth the trip alone or with a friend.

When visiting a new city, it is important to determine what kind of entertainment you are willing to embrace when visiting the city. As one contemplates casino excursions, NC should be considered as well. Online casino gambling offers one of the best ways to entertain one’s self while in the comfort of your own home. Finding the perfect casino for online gaming is easy as long as one does their research.

A good starting point when researching online casinos would be to do some homework and to compare one to the next. Review the games offered and the different room sizes. The Internet is rife with online reviews that can give some guidance as to what players are saying about a particular casino. Another way to find out the best online casino is to check the Better Business Bureau online to see if any complaints have been lodged against the casino. If so, then the casino might need to be checked out as well.

Another useful way to find a NC beach casino is by contacting a local news service such as WNCN or CBS News and looking up the local newspapers for reports on upcoming casino events. Most cities host at least one major casino event every other week. Checking the local papers will reveal information on upcoming casino events and weekend poker tournaments.

Once a decision has been made to visit a casino, a budget needs to be set aside. This includes what types of games will be played at the casino, the cost of food and beverage, and registration fees for games. Be sure to include a money deposit as this will help make the casino believes you are serious about investing time and money in their operation. By doing these few things before visiting a casino, you will be one step closer to finding the perfect NC beach casino.